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Massage has a long history and was recorded in China from 3,000BC. It has been practiced in various parts of the world from India, Japan. As time evolved, different massage techniques were developed.

Massage is not just an indulgence it has healing properties. The different massage techniques can help with different conditions or just simply for relaxation. A massage can also help complement your exercise or rehabilitation regime.

  1. Swedish Massage – Long sweeping strokes with pressures applied at certain points.
  2. Aromatherapy Massage – Combines the therapeutic benefits of using essential oils with some Swedish massage techniques.
  3. Sports Massage – Medium to hard pressure focusing on muscular releases and stretches. Pre-sports massage helps athletes to prepare their bodies for optimal performance, while post-sports massage helps to normalize the body’s muscular tissues.

Other Forms of Bodywork

  1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) – Gentle basic strokes known as the “stationary circle”, “pump”, rotary” and “scoop” techniques are designed to manipulate lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels with the goal of increasing their activity and promote the flow of lymph. It is recommended for stress, water retention, post-surgeries, swelling, tiredness, obesity, migraines/headaches.
  2. Remedial Therapy – Combination of Swedish massage with neuromuscular technique, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release and connective tissue massage. It encompasses various advanced massage techniques such as myofascial releases, trigger points releases that are used to treat musculo-skeletal injuries and improve the body’s repair mechanisms. Clients who are experiencing muscle stiffness or previous muscular injuries can choose remedial massage to improve their condition. This form of treatment is tailored to individual needs and varies from customer to customer, especially the common ones such as stiff neck, lower back pain, piriformis syndrome, frozen shoulders, knee pain and plantar fasciitis.

Contra-indications to massage:

  1. Skin diseases that are contagious
  2. Cancer (require doctor’s clearance)
  3. Fever/ Flu
  4. Diabetes (partial)
  5. Pregnancy (only 2nd trimester and after)

*It is recommended that massages be done by qualified therapists.


Image credit: Canva Pro