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Do you offer Pilates Trial sessions?

Yes we do! If you’re new to The Moving Body Group, we’d love for you to get acquainted with our instructors’ style of teaching and the use of studio equipment before you make any further commitments. That’s why we offer 50% off your first Private 1-on-1 Pilates or GYROTONIC® session with us – starting from S$72.50 (RRP $145) for a Private 1-on-1 session with an Instructor and S$77.50 (RRP $155) with Senior Instructor.. We also have a promotion for our Reformer Pilates and GYROTONIC® group classes with your first class at just $35. Call or WhatsApp us to book today!

Do you have any beginner-friendly Pilates class?

  • Yes, we welcome anyone who is just starting out! If you’re new to Pilates, we recommend, that you do at least 1-3 Private 1-on-1 Sessions to get familiar with the Reformer machine and build up your foundation as well as learn the Pilates principles under the full attention and care of instructor before joining Reformer 1 or Reformer Starter Group Class (based on instructors’ recommendation)
  • If your preference is to join group classes right away, the Reformer Starter Class is a great introductory class that will teach you the fundamental movements and principles of Pilates on the Reformer. 

How do I book a class?

You can WhatsApp us or email us to enquire about our Class Packages (i.e. Private Classes, Group Class, Starter Packs, etc), instructor availabilities and group class schedule. Upon payment, we’ll credit your package to your account and you can start booking your class via the MINDBODY app. You can also purchase packages on MindBody App or our website and book yourself into our group classes

Are there Pilates classes offered in other languages?

Yes there are! We want to make Pilates accessible to all, so our team of instructors are multi-lingual to accommodate our clientele. We offer group classes in English and Japanese and Private Classes in English, Mandarin, Bahasa, Hindi, Japanese and Korean. You can check out which instructors teach in which language here or WhatsApp and let our friendly customer service team know which language you would prefer!

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is designed to optimise movement based on the human anatomy. Pilates builds strength, increases mobility and flexibility and improves alignment in the whole body – which helps to reduce aches, pains and chances of injury. All while being low-impact and training balanced muscle development. This makes it suitable for ages 10 – 100 and for everyone of all walks of life – from professional athletes to pregnant ladies. At The Moving Body Group, we teach Pilates and movement that is tailored to enhance your lifestyle, answer your needs and help you reach your health and wellness goals. PS: Pilates also reconnects body with mind, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself more relaxed and mindful after each session! The emotional benefits will make an impact in your life too!

Is Pilates good for sport?

Totally! No matter which sport you enjoy, during sport-specific training you tend to use the same muscle groups repetitively, which can cause muscle imbalances that might hinder performance. That is when Pilates comes into the picture, it is a full-body workout that also targets the smaller muscles groups that athletes and even the laymen tend to forget. World famous athletes like Maria Sharapova, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James and Tiger Woods all do Pilates to complement their training and to maintain at their peak athletic performance.

I like high intensity, fast-paced workouts - would Pilates be too easy for me?

You’d be surprised that even professional athletes will find Pilates challenging if they have never experienced it before. Pilates requires a good mind-body connection that takes brain power, control and strength, as it requires you to engage and isolate the correct muscles and to be more aware of your movement patterns. So Pilates definitely challenges you – just in a different way from your HIIT workouts. Although we do also have Reformer HIIT group classes which combine a cardio workout with the precision of Pilates exercises – all on the moving platform which is the Reformer carriage! Good luck!


GYROTONIC® is a movement method developed by former professional dancer, Juliu Horvath with the intention to rehabilitate dancers and help them regain strength and agility. The GYROTONIC® Method has since expanded to benefit everyone from all walks of life. Its unique three-dimensional spiralling and circular movement flow will stretch out all your kinks, increase your range of motion, and strengthen your core and limbs, undoing long hours of a modern sedentary lifestyle by moving your spine in all directions.

Who is GYROTONIC® good for?

GYROTONIC® is good for anyone looking to improve posture, increase range of motion, improve flexibility and mobility, and to reduce their risk of injuries. Depending on your needs, the GYROTONIC® Expansion System can be utilised and adjusted to suit the needs of the individual from – relieving injury strain and lower back pain, to strengthening cardiovascular fitness. In many ways, it’s also an antidote to tech neck and sedentary modern life, and has even been described as the most satisfying self-massage!

Do you offer GYROTONIC® Trial Sessions?

Yes we do! If you’re new to GYROTONIC® or to The Moving Body, get 50% off your first Pilates or GYROTONIC® 1-on-1 private session with us – S$72.50 (RRP $145) with Instructor or S$77.50 (RRP $155) with Senior Instructor.

Are there GYROTONIC® group classes available?

Yes! Please check our class schedule here. Beginners should join a GYROTONIC® Starter Class 

I have an injury, can I still exercise?

This will largely depend on how extensive your injury is. Our team of instructors and physiotherapists can access your injury and plan the best course of rehabilitation and recovery. You can check out the range of services that we offer here.

I am pregnant, or planning to conceive. Can I take Pilates or GYROTONIC® classes?

Exercise is generally good for the body, even prior to, or during pregnancy. However, intentions to exercise should be communicated to your obstetrician so that you mitigate any complications, as everyone’s body is different.

The rule of thumb is always to understand your body, and not to push it too far.

If you are pregnant, you are still welcomed to partake in Pilates or GYROTONIC® group classes provided that your obstetrician is informed and is agreeable. Please inform our instructors as well, so that we know to modify exercises for you if necessary. Even better, try our prenatal reformer Pilates classes as those will aim towards supporting your pregnancy specifically.

WhatsApp us to enquire about our Private Prenatal Sessions or Prenatal Pilates group class!

How do I pay for my classes and packages?

You can pay to the respective studios via these payment details:




Can I have more than one package?

Yes, you may! As long as you are able to utilise your Pilates or GYROTONIC® sessions within the validity period, you can have multiple packages.

Validity of packages, from date of purchase:

  • 5 Sessions: 2 months
  • 10 Sessions: 4 months
  • 20 Sessions: 9 months
  • 30 Sessions: 12 months

Where are The Moving Body studios located?

We have 3 studios that are located conveniently across the island! To find us, please see here.

The Movement Academy

Do you offer Pilates or GYROTONIC® instructor courses?

Yes! The Movement Academy is Singapore’s only Balanced Body Authorised Training Centre. Develop and strengthen your teaching abilities in movement methods such as Pilates, CoreAlign, MOTR® and Anatomy. We also offer GYROTONIC® courses, as well as our own range of courses developed in-house by our educators.

Head on over to The Movement Academy’s website for the list of courses available.

What are workshops and how are they different from your normal classes?

To add value to your movement journey, we sometimes invite external educators or instructors to give specialised workshops. They are conducted under The Movement Academy, and we introduce them to our The Moving Body clients where possible.

To see the current workshops or courses that we are offering to The Moving Body’s clients, please click here.

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