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A top-notch physiotherapist in Singapore is invaluable to improve the well-being of every patient. For physiotherapy centre, having a professional physiotherapist can help boost the reputation of the business. But the question remains, “what makes a first-rate physiotherapist?” Physiotherapists are specialists in the body movement, helping patients recover from joint or muscle dysfunction caused by wear and tear, disability, ageing or accidents.

Being a physiotherapist is not only about completing a diploma or undergoing several training programs, though these are very important. Aside from excellent skills, a good physiotherapist must have an engaging manner, patient-centred focus and dedication to the profession in order to provide the best result to all their patients.

The following attributes make a quality physiotherapist stand out from the rest.

Balanced approach

Just like other health practitioners, a physiotherapist should have the right balance of firmness and care to each of his or her patients. A top physiotherapist will be caring and sensitive in approach while adhering strictly to the treatment processes which need to be taken for the patient to recover faster. For some lazy patients, these types of physiotherapists can be annoying or uncomfortable to work with since they will seriously stand firm on the right steps of the treatment. However, they will ensure that the patient will get the best possible results of the treatment.

Works as part of a network

reliable Singapore physiotherapist fully understands that most of the patients require a strong support framework around them. Depending on the case of the patients, some might require allied health professionals, medical specialist, and general practitioner throughout the course of physiotherapy treatment. The support of any of these health professionals is very important to monitor the improvement of the patient. Being a good team player is likewise important for any physiotherapist working within a health practice to ensure proper communication with colleagues, admin, and reception in order to operate with great efficiency. If a physiotherapist doesn’t communicate with other staff, how can they provide the best treatment?

Patient-centred focus

Sometimes, you might find physiotherapists who are not that dedicated to helping their patients get well, especially if the patient doesn’t have the motivation to do the treatment. If the patient says he or she doesn’t want to perform a particular exercise, the physiotherapist will just nod and follow what the patient wants. Meanwhile, a good physiotherapist works with the “whole person” and not just on areas where the problem exists like back, shoulder or leg. To diagnose properly and come up with the right solution, the physiotherapist will be keen to know more about other factors in the patient’s life which can contribute to the problem. It is essential for a physiotherapist to investigate the problem instead of just treating the symptoms, which might return if not addressed properly. In general, the primary focus of the physiotherapist is to find the best possible solution to his or her patient’s problem and help them recover in less possible time.

Dedicated to professional development

Ongoing professional development is one key to becoming a successful physiotherapist. This is why many physiotherapists in Singapore continue taking up training and seminars in physiotherapy to stay at the top of their field. They grab further training opportunities and seek mentors or more experienced professionals who can help them in their career development.


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