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Fitness is an important aspect any sport, as much as nutrition and diet is. Sports therapy came into existence to cater to a need of sports professionals exclusively. Depending on the kind of sport, the possible injuries and their consequences are many. Hence, it is important to have specialized therapists who understand the injury, the why and how of it and what can be done to prevent or treat it. So, a sports therapist is a professional who specializes in preventing and treating sports related injuries.

The sports therapist job profile 

What all can a sports therapist help you with? They could guide you to excel in your chosen sport, by avoiding the possible injuries associated with it. If any injury happens, they are fully qualified to provide you first aid. They are also competent to provide you long term assistance in terms of training support, specialist advice and treatment to suit your sport, appropriate massages etc.

They can also help you get back to your normal training and competitive state, in case you are injured in any way as they know best, what’s good for you. In short, a sports therapist is like a true partner for a professional sportsman in order to keep going and be successful in their field of sport.

Why it is important to find the right ones? 

Many people mistake sports therapy for mere physiotherapy, whereas this is much beyond that. If you choose the wrong person as your sports therapist, then you could end up with more trouble than you bargained for. It could cost you more psychologically, physically as well as financially, if you make a wrong choice. It is important to find proper, certified and trained sports therapists who really understand the principles of sport and can guide you properly.

This is where The Moving Body Group can make a huge difference. The sports therapists here are fully qualified to help you out and guide you and help you with your training and rehabilitation needs. They can efficiently handle all the common muscular complaints such as mobility problems, back pain, postural issues, etc. They can work out your fitness schedule that is meant to get you back to your full performance in the optimum time. It is important not to do it a rushed manner and many athletes may end up making this mistake, thus worsening the injury.

The benefit of engaging with a sports therapist

Here is a list of specialized treatment options that sports therapists Singapore can help you with for your fitness and performance benefits.

  • Specialized sports massage
  • Muscle strengthening and stretching techniques
  • Taping (Strapping)
  • Core stability training
  • Proprioception training

To know more about these and how you can sign up and benefit from these, visit contact us here and talk to the experts. They are highly customer centric and can listen and guide you to choose the best possible way forward.


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