The Moving Body Group

Let Movement heal and change your life. Experience freedom through movement with us.

Freedom through Movement

Change happens through movement and movement heals.

Ever-present in our lives, movement is essential for our physical, mental and even spiritual health. We’ll help you connect the dots in your health journey to bring hope and achieve transformative outcomes. At The Moving Body Group, we are passionate specialists of movement.

Joseph Pilates

A pioneer in Pilates and GYROTONIC®, The Moving Body Group has been empowering people towards their best possible selves through movement since 2009.
The Moving Body offers private and group movement classes, as well as rehabilitation therapies, to holistically influence lives and provide transformative health outcomes.
The Movement Academy is a learning hub for a growing community of instructors and those that aspire to be.


Everyone’s physiological make-up and personal health goals are unique. Through our range of group and private movement classes and services, you can be assured that your needs are covered.

Become a certified fitness professional or upgrade your skills with our experienced educators and world-class master trainers.