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It’s a common misconception that physiotherapy is a treatment option reserved for elite athletes or people who are recovering from an injury. In fact, hiring a physiotherapist in Singapore can help improve one’s health and wellness in many surprising ways. When people think of physiotherapy, they often imagine patients who are struggling out of a wheelchair to learn to move after a serious accident, illness or injury.

An individual doesn’t have to be badly debilitated to experience the benefits of physiotherapy. If you are bothered by consistent pain or discomfort, these are enough signs that you should hire a physiotherapist. Here are the most common signs you may need physiotherapy.

Pain doesn’t go away

Are you suffering from neck or back pain? Or do you have sprains, strains or muscle imbalances? You don’t have to suffer in silence and keep the agony to yourself. Since pain may come and go, many people tend to keep quiet and handle it themselves. However, if the pain doesn’t subside even after taking medications or after several weeks, this is the time to consider undergoing a physiotherapy treatment. A physiotherapist can help ease the pain by specifically targeting the pain while increasing patient’s mobility. This type of therapy aims to eliminate pain while improving mobility.

Mobility issues

Keep in mind that even a simple injury can impact the entire body. If you have ever had an injury, then you obviously know how it feels when a certain part of your body doesn’t function the way it should be. Many people are suffering from mobility issues and they just accepted the fact that they have restrictive movement. This should not be the case as physiotherapy can help correct mobility issues. While it may take some time to see the result of getting a physiotherapist, the thought of being able to move freely again is already a great motivation.

Loss of balance

When someone loses a sense of balance, it can be a result of an inner ear problem. A lot of people might not know that the structure inside the ear plays an integral part of the body’s balance system. When a problem occurs inside the ear, it can leave you feeling different symptoms, like vertigo, dizziness, and balance disturbance. All these are difficult to live with, so you need to correct them as soon as possible. A physiotherapy treatment can help you overcome these symptoms related to inner ear issues. The therapist can design a series of exercises to help alleviate the problem.

Flare up problems

If you have an old injury that doesn’t seem to heal completely, this should prompt you to consider seeking the help of a physiotherapist. Some people who have had an injury may feel okay for a while, but when they engage in certain activities, the pain tends to rear up again. If an injury was not attended properly when it was fresh, the healing process will likely be prolonged, and sometimes the injured part will never be the same again.

However, if you choose to hire the service of a Singapore physiotherapist, he or she will be able to address the recent physical problems you experience as well as the issues that have accumulated over time. After a period of time, you can move freely without worrying about the pain of your old injury.

The Moving Body Group offer Physiotherapy service in Singapore for those who have experienced acute injury, post-surgery, or for those with chronic or progressively degenerative conditions. Our physiotherapy services mainly include the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders using muscle stretching & strengthening, soft tissue releases and mobilisation, joint manipulation and mobilization, and money more. Feel free call our physiotherapist or fill the contact form here.


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