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Pilates has come a long way in the last several years. It stated as a means of body conditioning for a small group of people and now, Pilate is more than just a group class at a local gym. Today, Pilates is considered as an elite form of body conditioning that helps develop a healthy body and effective movement patterns. This form of exercise has captured the interest of many people, including pregnant women.

If you have had a hard day at work and going to the gym seems to be a chore, joining a Pilates class is one activity that can make you feel elated, relaxed and in fit shape. Pilates is not just a celebrity fad and an activity for those who want to contour their body. It has plenty of notable benefits to the body which can make your life better.

So why should you have a Pilates in Singapore? Here are some benefits you will enjoy.

Reduce stress

Pilates provides a great escape from all the stresses in a fun and small group environment. Concentrating on your body during the entire Pilates session means not stressing about the rest of your life. In Pilates complex exercises, you are required to think about how you are moving and to breathe with intention. You can get rid of all the nervous tension and over-fatigue that you are feeling, as well as all the negative thoughts bothering you. After an hour of deep breathing and focused movement, both your mind and body will be at peace. So who wouldn’t feel peaceful afterwards?

Stay in shape

A good intense dynamic workout will make you burn many calories than the beginner’s class. However, it is advisable to start with the mat class session if it’s your first time to attend Pilates and then gradually move up to the advanced class. Yes, Pilates can help you stay in shape and achieve sexy abs. Pilates hits every core muscle and activates your transverse abdominus. This deep core muscle is similar to a corset – the stronger it is, the smaller the corset and the flatter the abs. The muscular corset is found under the six pack and side oblique muscles. Targeting the abs muscles can give you sexy abs that you can hardly get with crunches. With Pilates, you can have a fit and healthy body.

Help with your mental focus

In order for you to coordinate your body, breath and properly activate your muscles, you need to give full concentration when doing Pilates. For maximum results, many of the exercises are repeated very precisely. This mental demand throughout the Pilates session will greatly benefit you even if you are not in the studio. It can increase your concentration in other aspects of life too. For instance, you can use some help focusing in your day to day tasks, especially with today’s non-stop social media scrolling.

Improve posture

If you have a bad posture, Pilates would be a perfect exercise to help you correct it. As you do Pilates regularly, you will notice that you will get a healthier back and stronger abs, thus improving your posture. And obviously, it can help you boost your confidence as you mingle with people. You will begin to experience a healthier spiritual prowess, peaceful demeanour and a sharp mind. All these will radiate from within you after joining a Pilates in Singapore.


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