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Sometimes it’s a little confusing where to start when searching for a physiotherapist in Singapore. With so many physiotherapists available, you will surely wonder which one is suitable for you. There are different ways you can look for a physiotherapist such as asking your doctor or health care professional, asking for recommendations from friends, and searching over the internet. Word of mouth referral is more powerful than the other means since the person has had experience with the service or the physiotherapist.

So, what should you take note of when looking for a physiotherapist in Singapore?

Below are the most important things you must consider in finding the most suitable physiotherapist.

Area of specialisation

Physiotherapists are required to complete years of study and undergo training to acquire their qualifications. But they can further their expertise in various areas of specialisations, such as mental health, sports injury, care of the aged, ergonomics and office set up, stroke rehabilitation, respiratory problems, spine and head injuries, and recovery after surgery. You should choose a physiotherapist who specialises in your needs. For instance, if you have an injury, you may need to see a physiotherapist who specialises in injury. However, physiotherapists don’t have to have a specialisation as they can have a general practice that caters to a range of conditions. It would be ideal to work with a physiotherapist that is AHPC registered.

Methods of treatment

Traditionally, physiotherapists train in movement and exercise, manipulation and electrotherapy, and massage. It is essential to know their methods of treatment in case you have a preference for a particular treatment type to relieve your pain. Some physiotherapists may offer alternative treatments to replace the traditional methods of relieving pain like reflexology, hydrotherapy, reiki, shiatsu, different types of massage, and others. Ask the physiotherapist if your preferred method of treatment is available in their health centre or clinic.

Some health centres or clinics may have alternative health care professionals to treat patients aside from the physiotherapist, which include a massage therapist, life coach, Pilates coach or osteopath.

Qualifications and Accreditation

Since a physiotherapist in Singapore is required to finish a degree, you should check the qualifications and accreditation. This ensures that the physiotherapist has met the necessary standards to promote the best health practice. You should check the codes of conduct, history, insurance, accreditation, and continuing professional standards. The practice may also obtain further accreditation, which can provide more professional accountability and excellence in this field of expertise. Furthermore, their qualifications will justify the quality of service they offer.


It is usually the case that we wish to see a physiotherapist to provide quick relief of the pain we are experiencing. This is why it is critical to determine the availability of the physiotherapist. Is the physiotherapist available right away? Be sure to book out your preferred physiotherapist weeks in advance to ensure your slot. If the physiotherapist you choose is a popular one, chances are, there are many patients who have scheduled an appointment with him or her. Thus, a physiotherapist who is able to see you as soon as possible should be booked out immediately.

Clinic location

Where is the physiotherapist in Singapore located? Do you need to travel for an hour or so to get to the clinic or health care clinic? Or is the clinic very accessible? If you are catching public transport, is the clinic situated close to a bus station or MRT station? The location is a crucial factor that you should take into account when choosing a physiotherapist. Ideally, you must opt for a physiotherapist who is nearby your home or work so you won’t find it difficult to visit the clinic every scheduled appointment.


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