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Pilates is a combination of callisthenics, ballet and yoga designed initially to help those who have injuries. While it is widely used following an injury, many people are now joining Pilates class to improve their muscle elasticity and joint mobility, and thus minimises the likelihood to be injured. A body with balanced strengths and good flexibility has a lower risk of getting an injury.

By doing Pilates regularly, it can provide some dramatic effects on the body both physically and mentally. This is why women either those who are Pilates enthusiasts or who have never stepped foot on a pilate studio have practised this form of exercise.

Check out the great benefits of joining Pilates training:

It makes you more flexible

Many people think they cannot join Pilates just because they are not flexible. But that’s the ultimate reason why they should be doing Pilates – to improve flexibility. Pilates will help you become flexible. When you are tight, you are shortening your muscles and limiting the range of motion that your body can perform. This will make your body prone to getting injuries when doing activities, even simple physical movements can pose a risk. On the other hand, flexibility can help minimise the possibility of getting injured.

It improves posture

Did you know that most types of body aches can result in bad posture? Whether you have a back ache, neck ache, or even headache, all these have bad effects on your body posture. In Pilates, this is known as alignment, in which the muscles are not straining to hold the body upright as well as the head, hips, and feet. By doing Pilates, you can correct your posture or alignment, letting you put less pressure on sensitive joints of the body including hips and knees. When your posture is improved, you will less likely to suffer from injury or strain, and best of all; you will look better – more confident and taller.

It’s easy on joints

Pilates involves slow and controlled movements, putting a minimal impact on the joints. It means you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or getting injured after performing the Pilates in Singapore. In fact, using Pilates reformer is a great bonus for you since its padding is as thick as yoga mats. The reformer can take away the pressure from your knees and back.

It eases back pain

Through Pilates, you will be able to develop a stronger core that is equivalent to a better back. It is highly advisable for people with chronic lower back pain to join Pilates to get relief. Many people with this problem who practised Pilates experienced improvement within just a few weeks. The longer you do Pilates, the more benefits it provides and can completely eliminate the pain.

It helps flatten abdomen

Those who have desired to get sexy and flat abdominal area, Pilates can help you achieve that goal. Pilates aims the core, unlike any other workout. After 36 weeks of Pilates training, women strengthened the muscles in the abdomen, or the rectus abdominis (responsible for six packs) by around 21 percent. During this time, they have also eliminated the muscle imbalances between the right and left sides of the cores. So, if you have dreamed of getting a flat abdomen, you should take part in a Pilates training in the best Pilates centres in Singapore.