Sophie Ki -

Sophie’s love for Pilates started from a misfortune. She used to dance ballet recreationally until that
hobby was cut short when an injury prevented her from continuing to dance. She then turned to
Pilates as an alternative form of fitness.
Fast forward seven years, Sophie is now a certified Pilates instructor who is also interested in various
movement modalities that complement her Pilates practice and teaching.
Her goal as an instructor is to help clients feel confident about their bodies, and have the freedom to
move and live. She feels energised and deeply satisfied when she can share her methods with her
clients and make a positive impact in their lives.
She holds a BSc in Life Sciences and it became a building block in her interest in human physiology.
She is constantly learning – taking up additional courses like nutrition and specific certification courses
like Franklin Method. She even took a human cadaver dissection course to learn more about human
anatomy and internal systems!
Sophie is available to teach in both Korean and English.

Certification / Experiences

• Modern Pilates International (MPI) - Comprehensive-Training
• Balanced Body Bridge Program Trained
• Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)
• Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back
• Pilatesing Instructor

Areas of Interest:

• Men’s Pilates
• Seniors
• Injury rehabilitation


• Bukit Timah
• River Valley

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

Elsie is passionate in sports and participates actively in running, weights training, HIIT, biking, swimming, scuba diving to competitive sports like marathons & triathlons. A firm believer in mind & body connection, she finds ultimate satisfaction in Pilates which works both the mind and body harmoniously. She has extensive experience working with clients from all walks of life, professions, backgrounds and passions. Elsie thrives on sharing her experience and knowledge. She enjoys seeing clients achieve their goals and exceed their potential. Working with different clients from pre to post-natal, scoliosis to athletic training, Elsie enjoys walking the total mind body integrated Pilates journey with clients.
    Ana started her journey with Pilates when she joined The Moving Body as a Customer Service executive in 2011. Whilst here, Ana has witnessed clients that have come in with movement and body alignment issues and after some sessions, they had better posture and felt better moving. This prompted Ana to try out Pilates and she noticed the difference in her body. She realised how Pilates can help an individual tone up, build a strong body and mind. This motivated her to embark on her journey to become a Pilates instructor. As an instructor, she would like to help to clients have a better body awareness that leads to improved body movement and reduce the risk of getting injured.
    Margaret has 11 years of clinical experience working in private and restructured hospital settings, followed by Pilates training and teaching. After receiving her training in Singapore and The University of Sydney, Margaret started her career focusing on pediatrics and women's health conditions in Mount Alvernia Hospital. While in Tan Tock Seng hospital and rehabilitation centre, she dealt with a wide range of conditions of all age groups. Over the years, Margaret has developed special interest in geriatrics and neurological care. In her pursuit of skill enhancement to provide better care for her patients, Margaret discovered her new passion - clinical/rehabilitative pilates training. She received DMA clinical pilates training in Perth and rehab based pilates course under Polestar Pilates. Since then, for the past 4 years outside the hospital setting, she has been incorporating Pilates in her physiotherapy treatments, dealing with clients with acute to chronic conditions, from neurological disorder to musculoskeletal related problems. She believes in working with her clients and giving them the skills and knowledge to manage their symptoms for long-term recovery.