Celine Khoo -

Celine has always had a keen interest in fitness and movement starting with teaching Group Exercise
classes during her university days. Her first experience with Pilates was in 2004 and she has been a
convert ever since! Celine started her career as a lawyer and continued to practice while teaching
Pilates. Shortly after she had her first child in 2011, it was a natural progression to retire from the
corporate world and focus on teaching. Celine has not looked back since.
Celine has been teaching with The Moving Body since 2011 and she recently took a short hiatus
when she moved to Hong Kong from 2018-2020 where she also taught a little Pilates there. She is
now back in Singapore, and is teaching at the East Coast studio.
Having had 3 kids herself, Celine has a particular interest in working with prenatal and postnatal
clients and believes in the benefits and rehabilitation that Pilates brings in this area. She has also
pursued further education in this respect and hopes to do more.
Celine also loves teaching group classes and enjoys the energy and flow from the classes. She hopes
to make each class challenging yet fun and enjoyable.
The strength and flow that comes from a regular Pilates practice has continued to inspire Celine over
the past 10 years and she hopes to similarly inspire and convince her clients of the benefits of Pilates
and regular movement! Out of the Pilates studio, you will also find Celine dabbling in some boxing and
strength training which she believes is a great complement to Pilates!

Certification / Experiences

• STOTT PILATES Reformer Certified
• Balanced Body Comprehensive Certified
• MOTR® Full Body Training System Certified
• TRX Suspension Training® Certified
• Bodhi Suspension System® trained

Areas of Interest:

• Prenatal & postnatal
• Postural alignment
• Strength/fitness training


East Coast

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Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

Being a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer, Chris has been spreading his passion for fitness and health over the past 10 years. His belief for fitness is three-fold: cardiovascular endurance and speed, overall body strength, flexibility and agility. Outside of the gym & studio environment, he has completed many triathlon races, marathons, and trail running races, both locally and overseas. Chris enjoys teaching classes and imparting his knowledge on fitness & health. It brings him joy to find out that his participants are enjoying themselves keeping fit and especially when they achieve their goals.
    Margaret has 11 years of clinical experience working in private and restructured hospital settings, followed by Pilates training and teaching. After receiving her training in Singapore and The University of Sydney, Margaret started her career focusing on pediatrics and women's health conditions in Mount Alvernia Hospital. While in Tan Tock Seng hospital and rehabilitation centre, she dealt with a wide range of conditions of all age groups. Over the years, Margaret has developed special interest in geriatrics and neurological care. In her pursuit of skill enhancement to provide better care for her patients, Margaret discovered her new passion - clinical/rehabilitative pilates training. She received DMA clinical pilates training in Perth and rehab based pilates course under Polestar Pilates. Since then, for the past 4 years outside the hospital setting, she has been incorporating Pilates in her physiotherapy treatments, dealing with clients with acute to chronic conditions, from neurological disorder to musculoskeletal related problems. She believes in working with her clients and giving them the skills and knowledge to manage their symptoms for long-term recovery.
      Atsuko believes exercising is a way of life. Living an active lifestyle, Atsuko has also incorporated Pilates into her fitness regime. She finds it the best way to strengthen her body and maintain a balanced body and mind. Atsuko is also interested in Pilates as a form of rehabilitation and does voluntary teaching at ABLE (Ability Beyond Limitation and Expectations). Fluent in both English and Japanese, Atsuko believes exercising is a way of life. Living an active lifestyle, Atsuko has also incorporated Pilates into her fitness regime. She finds it the best way to strengthen her body and maintain a balanced body and mind, especially when she was living a busy corporate life and during pregnancy. She is interested to help clients improve their core and help them move more efficiently in their daily lives. With her sharp eye for details, Atsuko can help correct muscle and movement alignment. Her interest in rehabilitation has also brought her to teach at Charity sessions at ABLE (Ability Beyond Limitation and Expectations) and at the Singapore National Campaign Giving Week for SDSC (Singapore Disability Sports Council).