Celine Khoo -

Celine has always had a keen interest in fitness and movement starting with teaching Group Exercise
classes during her university days. Her first experience with Pilates was in 2004 and she has been a
convert ever since! Celine started her career as a lawyer and continued to practice while teaching
Pilates. Shortly after she had her first child in 2011, it was a natural progression to retire from the
corporate world and focus on teaching. Celine has not looked back since.
Celine has been teaching with The Moving Body since 2011 and she recently took a short hiatus
when she moved to Hong Kong from 2018-2020 where she also taught a little Pilates there. She is
now back in Singapore, and is teaching at the East Coast studio.
Having had 3 kids herself, Celine has a particular interest in working with prenatal and postnatal
clients and believes in the benefits and rehabilitation that Pilates brings in this area. She has also
pursued further education in this respect and hopes to do more.
Celine also loves teaching group classes and enjoys the energy and flow from the classes. She hopes
to make each class challenging yet fun and enjoyable.
The strength and flow that comes from a regular Pilates practice has continued to inspire Celine over
the past 10 years and she hopes to similarly inspire and convince her clients of the benefits of Pilates
and regular movement! Out of the Pilates studio, you will also find Celine dabbling in some boxing and
strength training which she believes is a great complement to Pilates!

Certification / Experiences

• STOTT PILATES Reformer Certified
• Balanced Body Comprehensive Certified
• MOTR® Full Body Training System Certified
• TRX Suspension Training® Certified
• Bodhi Suspension System® trained

Areas of Interest:

• Prenatal & postnatal
• Postural alignment
• Strength/fitness training


East Coast

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Shuri's brush with GYROKINESIS® is not by chance, she discovered GYROKINESIS® while searching for ways to improve her movement and breathing in dance performance. She took her training course and has never looked back.Shuri began teaching GYROKINESIS® specifically to performing artists and then started a corporate programme teaching office workers in maintaining health and well-being through GYROKINESIS®. Shuri finds fulfilment in helping clients especially office workers to tackle their disorders and pain caused by the modern lifestyle. In 2011, she took the GYROTONIC® training qualification and commenced teaching at a specialised GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® studio in Osaka, Japan. She has continued to develop her professional skills by attending instructor training courses in Japan and all over the world. Shuri joins The Moving Body as an instructor and hopes to spread the method as a way to improve the lives of busy working adults.
    Candice is a Canadian trained physiotherapist who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her early work experience started in 2009 in Vancouver where she worked in acute care with complex geriatric patients. She continued onto the neurological rehab setting where she worked with individuals with spinal cord injuries at a leading university teaching hospital in Toronto. She has since completed additional education in running assessment and training, and prenatal and postnatal rehab, and has honed her skills in the musculoskeletal private practice setting where she sees all types of clients from sports to office related injuries. She also brings forth her experience as a busy mom of two boys and can relate to the physical and mental demands of being a parent! As a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, Candice has a strong focus on exercise-based rehabilitation. She works closely with clients to identify their personal goals and strives to provide a well-rounded treatment plan that is not only aimed at symptom relief but on strengthening and re-conditioning the mind and body in order to return to sport and daily function with confidence and with prevention of re-injury. She merges the knowledge of evidence-based therapy options with her patient’s values and preferences. Candice always practices with compassion and is a strong believer in a holistic approach to health care.
      Sudha was introduced to Pilates in 2007 when she received 10 Pilates session as a birthday gift and she hasn't looked back since then. Starting out as a client she found it helped with her own knee issues and lower back pain. She slowly got interested in learning as well. Starting with BASI course in 2008, she then went on to do the Mat, Reformer and Apparatus course from Balanced Body. With her interest in learning new methods of helping clients, she continued with her CoreAlign course and certification. She has always been interested in Women's health and has furthered this by learning how Pilates helps with various women's health issues.