With customised programmes, we work towards the fulfillment of individuals' fitness goals to promote healthy lifestyles. By combining exercises done on the Bodhi Suspension System, Spinning bike, medicine balls and more, our circuit training aims to help you achieve your fitness goals. Available to both group and 1-on-1 personal training, we tailor programmes to manage: weight loss, weight gain, increasing muscular strength and flexibility, improving endurance and enhancing sports performance.

Create a stronger, fitter and more flexible you in 60 minutes! Our fun and knowledgeable Instructors will help challenge and guide you through exercises that include resistance training and high intensity workouts. Our group classes are kept small to a maximum of 6.

Core Conditioning Class
How strong is your core? It is time to put it to the test! Challenge yourself and improve your level of endurance in our 60 minutes program. Focus on your technique and essential muscles for core stability. Using a mixture of resistance, suspension training and body weight, this program is guaranteed to improve your daily activities and sports performance.

HIIT Class
High Intensity Interval Training. Bursts of hard work, recovery and repeat ; this class is a full on full body workout. We will work on your fundamentals, focusing on your form. You will be challenged to push your body to its limits with the buildup of exercises. Great for those who want to lose weight, improve endurance, fitness, strength and stamina.