Dehydration in an air-con environment

Dr Lim Baoying, Sports Physician at Changi Sports Medicine Centre shared, “After perspiration is lost according to the level of physical activity, the humidity gradient difference between inhaled and exhaled air would cause the next largest source of body fluid loss. Hence, while exercising in a dry air-conditioned environment, we are still expected to have fluid loss though we may not feel as sweaty as compared to exercising outdoors. A proper hydration fluid like POCARI SWEAT ION WATER would therefore be a suitable option for people who are in a dry indoor environment throughout the day.”

A woman working in an office

A woman doing exercise

To counter dehydration, POCARI SWEAT has introduced its latest offering – ION WATER which contains natural, reduced sugar and hydrating ions. It has been proven to work better than water when it comes to maintaining the body fluid balance in a dry environment[3].

Ion water can help counter ddddehydration

ION WATER is currently available exclusively at all 7-Eleven stores island-wide.


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