The Moving Body Group

Let movement heal and change your life. Experience freedom through movement with us.

At The Moving Body Group, we are passionate specialists of movement. Ever-present in our lives, movement is essential for our physical, mental and even spiritual health. We’ll help you connect the dots in your health journey to bring hope and achieve transformative outcomes.

Wide Range of Equipment

A movement studio with a wide range of equipment and movement services to suit individual needs.

Clients Focused

We want our clients to have better health, understand their bodies to be able to function better under quality instruction. Our team of instructors and physiotherapists have access to continuing education to upgrade their skills and knowledge. All with the purpose of achieving our client’s individual goals.

Convenient Locations

3 locations at Bukit Timah & East Coast River Valley. River Valley being the largest studio with widest range of Pilates, GYROTONIC (& functional training equipment. Singapore’s largest GYROTONIC studio with 6 pulley towers and every piece of specialised equipment

Freedom through Movement

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates

A pioneer in Pilates and GYROTONIC®, The Moving Body Group has been empowering people towards their best possible selves through movement since 2009. Our movement-based studio The Moving Body offers private and group movement classes, as well as rehabilitation therapies, to holistically influence lives and provide transformative health outcomes. Our sister company The Movement Academy is a learning hub for a growing community of instructors and those that aspire to be.

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We are passionate advocates of movement


We provide intelligent movement to clients through well-trained and professional instructors

Better Health

Advocate on movement for better health and mobility


We are the first studio in Singapore to be able to provide Gyrotonic group classes given the availability of a full suite of gyro types of equipment

Attractive Studios

An all-inclusive studio/comprehensive studio for movement training and therapies for the best outcome.


Introduce tagline ‘Freedom through Movement’ A holistic approach to help clients achieve Freedom Through Movement


We are the first studio in Singapore to be able to provide Gyrotonic group classes given the availability of a full suite of gyro types of equipment

The Movement Academy

Become a certified fitness professional or upgrade your skills with our experienced educators and world-class master trainers. A leading hub for continual learning and industry-recognised qualifications, The Movement Academy offers a holistic approach to your skill enhancement and certification needs.

Movement Master Series

Expand your boundaries as a movement specialist. Under our Movement Master Series, we offer specialised workshops conducted by world-class master trainers across a range of disciplines.

Be a Movement Specialist

Develop and strengthen your teaching abilities in movement methods such as Pilates, GYROTONIC®, CoreAlign and Anatomy, with access to the widest range of Pilates and GYROTONIC® equipment at our River Valley studio. The Movement Academy is Singapore’s only Balanced Body Authorised Training Centre, and the only centre to offer Final Certificate courses for GYROTONIC® trainers.

Everyone’s physiological make-up and personal health goals are unique. Through our range of group and private movement classes and services, you can be assured that your needs are covered.

Realise your health aspirations with the support of our highly qualified team. As Movement Specialists, our instructors are skilled in multiple disciplines of movement and undergo continuous training to offer you not only holistic solutions, but the most up-to-date guidance too.

Freedom through movement is within your reach at our three studios, located at Bukit Timah, East Coast and River Valley. Our flagship River Valley studio is Singapore’s largest GYROTONIC® studio with a full line of specialised equipment – including Pilates and functional training – for your every health need.

New to The Moving Body?

We’ll help you understand your body better through an initial assessment and journey with you to improve mind-body awareness for better health outcomes.