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Pilates – Benefits During And After Pregnancy

Have you seen many moms-to-be at Pilates class? Don't be surprised when you do since it's beneficial to them. There's a long list of reasons why pregnant women should engage in Pilates in Singapore during and after pregnancy. The exercises can help stabilise, stretch, and strengthen a number of important muscles in the body, and can [...]

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Physical Benefits Of Pilates In Singapore

Pilates is a combination of callisthenics, ballet and yoga designed initially to help those who have injuries. While it is widely used following an injury, many people are now joining Pilates class to improve their muscle elasticity and joint mobility, and thus minimises the likelihood to be injured. A body with balanced strengths and good flexibility [...]

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Signs That You Need Physiotherapists In Singapore

It's a common misconception that physiotherapy is a treatment option reserved for elite athletes or people who are recovering from an injury. In fact, hiring a physiotherapist in Singapore can help improve one's health and wellness in many surprising ways. When people think of physiotherapy, they often imagine patients who are struggling out of a wheelchair [...]

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