Wany Misban


Wany - Instructor

Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences
Balanced Body Comprehensive Certified
GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified
Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE®)
Precision Nutrition Level 1

It is easy to attribute Wany’s expertise to over 10 years of industry experience;but in reality, it is due to her personal belief that the key to a good life ismoving well. Her approach to exercise is fuelled by this principle offundamental movement, and drives her to create personalized, targeted plansto unlock movement potential in her clients. She pulls from her extensive andconstantly growing knowledge base – she is a graduate of sports and exercisescience, certified in varied Pilates techniques (Balanced Body, STOTT,Gyrotonic), TRX, endurance and bootcamp training, and precision nutritionamong others. The results speak for themselves, as her clients experienceholistic improvement in their strength, flexibility, and pain levels.

She also enjoys conducting group classes both high intensity or low impact.Wany’s classes are as challenging as they are fun. Recognised by Nike for herskills and energetic vibe, she currently holds a Master Trainer role in SoutheastAsia. She conducts training in the region and is a consultant for the SEA teamfor program modifications.

Wany is always looking out for new perspectives and techniques to include inher teaching arsenal. In her free time, Wany dabbles in various sports, yoga,and meditation. Her life’s work is centred around aging gracefully to liveindependently without pain, for herself and the community.

East Coast
River Valley