Tan Hwee Kheng


Tan Hwee Kheng - Instructor

GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified
GYROTONIC® Level 2 Program 1 Certified
Fully certified in STOTT® Pilates
Fletcher Pilates Licensed Provider (Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, Fletcher Barrework®)
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ® (DNS) Exercise 1 & Women’s Health Trained
Neurokinetic Therapy ® Level 2 Certified
Master Trainer for TriggerPoint™ (Foam Rolling, Myofascial Compression Techniques)
Myofascial Release Techniques Trained
Hwee Kheng has been actively involved in movement most of her life. She started Pilates over 10 years ago to help with her lower back pain. Her regular practice in Pilates, as well as the GYROTONIC® method, together with all her other training, not only helped strengthen her core and back, it also helped her move mindfully which is important to minimize injuries and effectively recover from one. She is grateful that she can continue to do many things she enjoyed and to try new experiences and challenges (including aerial arts) that she probably would have difficulties with when she was younger!

This philosophy and approach carries over to her work as an instructor – she enjoys working with and coaching clients to move more mindfully and effectively, so that in turn they can be better in dealing with their life challenges. She had experiences working with clients with shoulders, back, and knee issues to help them strengthen and improve from pain.

River Valley