Spinning - What is it and why join in…


You may not have heard the term ‘spinning’ before but you might have seen indoor cycling classes or even RPM (trademarked by Les Mills) - to be honest they are all the same thing. They are all indoor cycling on a static bike with how you cycle mixed up by changing the speed, resistance or whether you stand and all choreographed to upbeat music..

In all spinning studios here in Singapore, the bikes have a resistance control - gears basically, that enable you to add more resistance and make you work harder or mimic a hill climb from outdoors. That is one of the beauties of riding inside, you can take on all different terrains and you can make the climb as steep as you want to, working to your level of fitness.

The class works by warming you up, focusing on your cycling form and then we’ll go up hills, sprint down, do a huge mountain climb, long flats, short bursts of attacks taking you on a journey of speed and strength. We will push you as much as we can and one of the best things is there’s music to keep you motivated.

As a road cyclist, I found indoor cycling helped me build stamina for the road, if the weather wasn’t the best outside, heading to a class was the next best thing - with the added benefit of it being safer than the roads. If I really wanted a strength session I could add more resistance, if I needed to work on my cadence (speed that my feet went round) I could do that too - in many ways it’s easier to do this than on the road. It honed my cycling skill and mechanics and I got to listen to awesome tunes.

Cycling is great exercise, there’s no impact on your joints (like running). It builds lower body strength, works your core especially standing and gets the heart beating fast. The best thing is, it’s fun being in a class of high energy people. Indoor cycling motivates you to work even on those days you might not feel like it.

Written By:
Lisa Jones, Senior Instructor