Remedial & Bodywork Therapy


Remedial therapy complements the movement methods offered by The Moving Body Group. Our Instructors and Physiotherapists work together with our Therapists to design sessions that will meet your specific needs. Healing through touch has numerous benefits which may include improving blood circulation, releasing trigger points to relax muscles and enhance mobility. Our various studios offer different forms of therapy ranging from lymphatic draining to deep tissue and sports massage.

Our Services

Sports Massage
Medium to hard pressure focusing on muscle releases and stretches.

Remedial Therapy
Encompasses various advance massage techniques to treat musculo-skeletal injuries and improve the body's repair mechanisms.

Myofascial Therapy
Medium to intense pressure that aims to improve posture, movement and offer pain relief. Each session focuses on a localized area.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Very light pressure massage that encourages the drainage of the lymphs in the lymphatic system. This technique aids in the reduction of swelling, improves body circulation and reduces water retention.

Zero Balancing
Uses finger pressure and gentle traction to clear blocks in the body's energy flow and targets specific goals such as back pain, concentration, sleep and unwanted stress.