Physiotherapy Services


Our team is comprised of talented and experienced international Physiotherapists. The Moving Body Group's Physiotherapy Department plays an integral part in the healing process for individuals who have experienced acute injury, post-surgery, or for those with chronic or progressively degenerative conditions. We have highly qualified in-house Physiotherapists who can put together a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Our clients have achieved tremendous results in their Physiotherapy sessions which included manual therapy, such as soft tissue release and joint mobililisation. All our Physiotherapists are registered with the AHPC (Allied Health Professions Council) and we have close ties to the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

Back pain is becoming more prevalent and affects our lifestyle and mobility. Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries affecting humans today with 80% of us experiencing at least one episode of low back pain in our lives.
Physiotherapy promotes your child’s performance in gross motor skills such as sitting, standing, walking, running, skipping, jumping, bike riding, ball skills and generally having fun.
A weakened pelvic floor can cause many symptoms such as the inability to control wind, faeces or urine (urinary incontinence), strong urges to urinate. All of which can have a negative impact on the woman’s quality of life.

Learn to cope with the changes in the body during pregnancy and regain pre-pregnancy fitness with a correct and well balanced exercise program.

Healing through touch has numerous benefits which may include improving blood circulation, releasing trigger points to relax muscles and enhance mobility.
Prehabilitation refers to Physiotherapy intervention before surgery. This is can assist to get your body as ready as possible prior to surgery and help speed up the recovery process.
Sports Physiotherapy is a specialised area of Physiotherapy that offers early diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries.