Pamela Tan


Pamela Tan - Instructor

Polestar Comprehensive Pilates Certified
GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified

Pamela has been practising yoga for many years and was introduced to Pilates to help her chronic back pain sustained from a bad fall. She experienced the benefits and transformation to her body through Pilates. Believing in the Pilates method, she embarked on her journey towards becoming an internationally recognised certified Pilates Instructor.

Pamela has experience working with clients of various ages and conditions. To her, every client is unique and she will tailor individualised exercise program. She is interested to help each client develop optimal health in their lives. Pamela believes in “Live and Learn” and is always learning and training under Master Instructors to help her clients. Pamela’s ultimate goal is to make “YOU” feel stronger and confident.

While not teaching, Pamela maintains an active lifestyle and loves to travel to canoe, surf and rock-climb.

Area of Interests/Focus:
Body Awareness
Postural Alignment

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