Noelle Lim


Noelle Lim - Instructor

SSC Fitness Instructor
Diploma in Yoga Education

Noelle's passion for fitness was evoked when she began attending classes regularly at the gym back in 2003. To enhance her knowledge, she decided to take up the Fitness Instructor Course with the Singapore Sports Council to be a certified Fitness Instructor.

Trainings took a backseat when Noelle injured her back. She decided to embark on a journey to learn more about rehabilitation. That was when she discovered both Yoga and Pilates. She proceeded to take up a Diploma in Yoga and also the STOTT® Pilates certification as a way to draw her knowledge to strengthen herself and also to share the benefits of both practices with others.

With the knowledge that she has acquired through her learning journey, sports injury become her first & foremost priority in all trainings & practices. She hopes to share with people the beauty and benefits of staying fit and maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle, without compromising on posture & form.

East Coast