Melva Hocker


Melva Hocker - Instructor


Melva is instinctively drawn towards Pilates as it played a key role in regaining her core strength and a pain free physical fitness level she never had before. Her daily functional movements had been bothered by lumbar pain. At the same time, she hoped to regain her abdominals strength and form after births.

After months of disciplined Pilates practise, she noticed the direct restorative and core strengthening effects and began resuming her water sports. She can now keep up with her children’s activities with great ease! Moreover, she found that her posture and cores are stronger than even in her twenties.

This spurred her to to pursue a certification in STOTT PILATES® and she is now fully certified in STOTT PILATES®. She has since left her corporate career totally and becomes fully immersed and committed as a Pilates instructor.

Melva firmly believes that she can use her Pilates practise to help her clients strengthen and tone their body without adding bulk, increase attention to posture, and solve problem areas of tension.

She understand clients have wide ranging needs and different physical fitness background. Melva aims to help her clients achieve their individual fitness goals through her thoroughness in teaching and a personalised program in the realm of Pilates.

Bukit Timah
East Coast