Li Hoong Heng


Li Hoong Heng - Massage Therapist

International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) Certified Diploma in Sports Massage and Holistic Massage
Rehab Trainer Master Class
Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Coach Level 1
Singapore Sports Council Certified Fitness Instructor and Sports Trainer
Australian Graduate School of Health & Sport Science Integrated
Corrective Exercise Certificated
Li Hoong is a certified sports massage therapist since 2005. She is also an experienced Personal Trainer and a Sports Trainer.

As a Singapore Sports Council Sports Trainer, Li Hoong assists Singapore national athletes in maintaining high levels of fitness through injury prevention and recovery. She was part of the sports medicine team in the South East Asia Games, Asia Indoor Games, Asian Youth Games and various Rugby Tournament games in Asia. At Singapore Sports Institute Clinic, she massages all the national athletes from various sports.

Li Hoong's personal interest in marathon, triathlon and long distance cycling enable her to understand the common sports injuries experienced by general sports athletes. In addition to this, her exposure to different sports injuries experienced by the national athletes, enable her to pass on the injury prevention knowledge to her clients.

Bukit Timah
East Coast
River Valley