Injury Prevention with Physiotherapy!


Working as a Physiotherapist for 3 years, I have treated many patients with a wide variety of conditions, from acute to chronic and pre and post operative surgery. All had one thing in common - it has stopped or prevented them from exercising or returning to a sport they love playing. I can understand the frustrations of these patients as it was a shoulder dislocation, a lack of good education and rehabilitation afterwards that prevented me from returning to play rugby when I was younger. It was however this injury that inspired me to become a Physiotherapist, to help rehabilitate and return patients to the sport or hobby they enjoy, and to educate them on preventing further injury in the future.

Injury whilst playing sports can be broadly categorised into two areas, a direct trauma or an overuse injury. Direct trauma injuries can be the result of a fall, a collision during a contact sport, or a movement that causes too much force to a particular part of the body. The second category can be from overuse, where either poor training or technique leads to muscle strains or sprains. If not treated properly, this can lead to more serious injury. Injuries can also occur away from the sports field as well and being injured will keep you away from doing something you love.

The best way to prevent injury is through appropriate strengthening but in a functional way that matches the demands that your sport places on the body. A strengthening program for a runner will be vastly different to that for a cyclist. Further injury can be caused in the early stages if the right education and advice on which exercises to do is not given. A Physiotherapist can help with early management to reduce pain, maintain muscle length and strength and to educate on healing time frames, but most importantly to give reassurance about the condition. Physiotherapy can help you move with the confidence that you are not causing further injury and can help to get you back playing sport or exercising in the safest and shortest time frame.

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Written By Matt Cornwall, Physiotherapist