How to Use MINDBODY Online



New User Registration

If you have a Moving Body Membership and would like to take group classes or view your profile, you will need to register yourself online at our MINDBODY scheduler.
To Register, Please follow these steps:
1) Go to Class Bookings. Click on the location you would like to register at. This will take you to our MINDBODY scheduler
2) In the upper right corner, click on “Create account” underneath the username box
3) Follow the steps under “Create an Account”
4) In the future, you will just log on to your MINDBODY page by entering your username and password in the boxes at the top right corner of the page
5) If you have any problems, please notify our customer service executives and we will help you resolve the issue
*Please note that bookings may only be made if you have current sessions left in your package


Signing Up for Group Classes

To sign up for classes, you will need your username and password. If you do not have a username or password, please follow the directions above. If you have your username and password, follow these steps:
1) Log into our MINDBODY scheduler as described above. Once you are logged in, the scheduler for our classes on the current day will be displayed
2) Click on the “Sign Up Now” button of the class for which you would like to sign up
3) Once you click on “make a single reservation” for the class you have selected, MINDBODY will bring you to your schedule for the week. If you would like to sign up for more classes, please do so. However, you can only sign up for classes 7 days in advance. This is necessary so that we can keep our classes available to everyone. you can also use this schedule to keep track of of the classes that you have scheduled for yourself. At this point, you are all set! ENJOY!