Group Fitness Classes

The Moving Body Group offers Group Fitness Classes that help create a stronger, fitter and more flexible you in 60 minutes! Our fun and knowledgable Instructors will help challenge and guide you through exercises that include resistance training and high intensity workouts.
This class is a total fat burning and muscle-toning workout for people who are always on the go. Combining resistance training (including bodyweight and other modalities) with short but high intensity workouts, the programme aims at boosting your metabolism and improving your cardiovascular fitness to achieve maximum calorie burn within a session and even after the workout has ended.

FUNctional Fitness for Kids/Teenagers
Get movin' and rollin', find your balance on a roller, learn about posture, agility and balance through a variety of movement and functional exercises! Each of our sessions are aimed at providing children and teenagers with mobility, balance, flexibility, strength, cardio, self-confidence and, most importantly, fun!

Spinning® Classes

Join our Spinning classes to transform the way you look and feel! Prepare yourself for fat-burning cardio, a full body workout, and a lots of sweat!
. Strengthen. Sweat. And repeat.
Pedal & Sculpt
More than just a spinning class, Pedal & Sculpt is the class of choice if you want to spend a great time clocking in some cardiovascular exercise and to also sculpt your arms. Geared with props such as weighted balls and flexbands, you'll definitely get a fantastic full-body workout in our Spinning studio!

Interval Training
In our Interval Training Spinning class, expect to alternate between bursts of speed and power with recovery. What's the payoff? You'll increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity leading to bolstered stamina and endurance!

Fat Burner
One of the fastest fat-burning programs that is geared for everyone! Benefit from a group atmostphere and professional coaching without competitive pressure. Outdoor cycling is brought indoors with amazing results. Expect shorter recovery times, higher fat metabolism and a lower resting heart rate!