Core Align® Group Classes

At The Moving Body Group we offer Core Align® / Pilates Reformer Combo classes to give you a total body workout that challenges you in a wide variety in positions, builds strength and improves flexibility.
CoreAlign / Reformer Combo
This class combines two amazing pieces of equipment. You get to experience and learn how to move in different relationships to gravity. The Reformer section of the class focuses more on lying down work whether on your front, back or on your side – then we take you to standing and use the CoreAlign to challenge your awareness on your feet. A great combination of exercises that will move all your joints in all directions leaving you opened up and upright.
CoreAlign / Reformer combo pre-requisites : 3 private lessons or 5 group reformer classes


MOTR™ Group Classes

We offer MOTR™/ Reformer Combo classes to challenge your body in different ways!
Stretch, tone and strengthen your core while improving your strength, balance, agility and sports conditioning!
MOTR / Reformer Combo
What do you get when you have a Pilates reformer class and MOTR class rolled into one? A power packed session that promises all the strengthening and lengthening benefits of a Pilates class as well as the means to take that even further on the MOTR. Experience all your traditional Pilates exercises in a brand new way with the balance, agility and functional movement challenges the MOTR has to offer.
MOTR / Reformer combo pre-requisites : 5 group reformer classes