Fitness Classes

Create a stronger, fitter and more flexible you in 60 minutes! Our fun and knowledgable Instructors will help challenge and guide you through exercises that include resistance training and high intensity workouts.
It’s all about you! An empowering way to train as it’s you on you; your body, suspension equipment and gravity providing resistance so you build strength and confidence. It’s a great class for toning, losing weight and challenging yourself.


High Intensity Interval Training. Bursts of hard work, recovery and repeat ; this class is a full on full body workout. We will work on your fundamentals, focusing on your form. You will be challenged to push your body to its limits with the buildup of exercises. Great for those who want to lose weight, improve endurance, fitness, strength and stamina.


Spinning® Classes

Join our Spinning classes to transform the way you look and feel! Prepare yourself for fat-burning cardio, a full body workout, and a lots of sweat!
. Strengthen. Sweat. Repeat.
Interval Training
In our Interval Training Spinning class, expect to alternate between bursts of speed and power with recovery. What's the payoff? You'll increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity leading to bolstered stamina and endurance!