MOTR® and Bodhi Suspension System® Group Classes

We offer MOTR® / Reformer Combo classes to challenge your body in different ways!
Stretch, tone and strengthen your core while improving your strength, balance, agility and sports conditioning!
MOTR® / Reformer
A power packed session that promises all the strengthening and lengthening benefits of a Pilates class as well as the means to take that even further on the MOTR®. Experience all your traditional Pilates exercises in a brand new way with the balance, agility and functional movement challenges the MOTR® has to offer.
MOTR® / Reformer pre-requisites : 3 reformer 1 classes

Functional Suspension Training
This class combines the benefits of the MOTR™ and Bodhi Suspension System™ which help you turn on all the essential muscles of core stability, stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve balance and agility, burn calories and improve performance in daily activities.