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Pilates Group Classes

At the Moving Body Group we offer a variety of Pilates group classes that help you to experience
freedom through movement
Our classes are small - with a maximum of 6 participants - allowing our Instructors to give you more personal attention.

Starter Group Class - Available for Pilates and GYROTONIC®

Get back to basics with these introductory classes that are aimed at teaching you the fundamental movements and principles for each movement method. Simple exercises can be challenging too!

Mat Pilates 1, INT

Our Pilates Mat class utilizes Joseph Pilates' original mat exercises with more preparations and modifications. We use props at times including rings, bands, rollers and the stretch bands, to either assist with the move or increase its intensity. Begin with Mat 1 classes and slowly progress through INT!
Mat INT pre-requisite: 10 mat 1 classes

Reformer 1, INT, 2

The Reformer is simply a moving mat (carriage) that is attached to a frame by springs of various resistances. The difference between this mat and your usual mat is that you move yourself and the mat by pulling on the straps with your arms and legs. The spring can provide resistance – but also give you assistance – helping with moves that can be challenging. Start off with Reformer 1 where the exercises are kept similar each session to help you learn the moves, once you become more familiar to the moves it's onto Reformer INT and finally Reformer 2!
Reformer1 pre-requisite: 3 private classes or 5 starter group reformer classes
Reformer INT pre-requisite: 10 reformer 1 classes or 10 private classes
Reformer 2 pre-requisites: 20 reformer 1 classes, 10 reformer 1/2 classes or 20 private classes

Pre-Natal Reformer

A class designed specifically for new mums and mums to be! This class helps to alleviate the aches and pains that are associated with pre and post pregnancy. One can also learn how to connect with the deep muscles of the core safely before and after delivery. Medical clearance from a health professional is essential before joining the class. All post-natal mothers require a postnatal assessment from our Physiotherapy team.
Pre-Natal Reformer pre-requisites: 3 private classes or 3 Physiotherapy sessions


A power packed session that promises all the strengthening and lengthening benefits of a Pilates class as well as the means to take that even further on the MOTR. Experience all your traditional Pilates exercises in a brand new way with the balance, agility and functional movement challenges the MOTR has to offer.
MOTR/Reformer pre-requisites: 3 reformer 1 classes

H.I.I.P 1, 2

Using the principles of Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training trains muscular strength and endurance. Step up your metabolism with quick bursts of intense cardiovascular using the reformer, supplemented with props and various body weight floor exercises to maximise fat-burning effects. Burn more calories and feel stronger with this energising class! Progress to this level 2 class and get a total body workout. Be challenged with increased intensity and get your muscles pumping. Be prepared to work up a sweat and feel totally invigorated.
H.I.I.P 1 pre-requisites: 10 reformer starter classes, 5 reformer 1 classes or 5 private classes
H.I.I.P 2 pre-requisites: 10 reformer 1 classes, 5 reformer INT classes or 10 private classes

Core FX

A 60 minute PHYSIO led core strength and stability class consisting of interval circuit training. This class incorporates mat based exercises, Pilates exercises, and core strength and stability exercises. The class will use fitness equipment such as the BOSU ball, exercise balls, foam rollers, weighted balls, resistance bands and/or the MOTR.