Corporate Wellness

Our Mindful Movement Corporate Wellness Program is highly adaptable for different work environments and gives you the freedom to design your own class or workshop programs. We specialise in catering to busy office schedules while delivering our motto: "Freedom Through Movement" to your doorstep.




Movement Classes

Some of the ways we help people move include:
  • Pilates Mat Class
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Tension Release Stretching

Anatomy ABCs

The anatomy for a healthier workplace is a workshop series led by a Movement Specialist, with the goal of fostering a greater awareness of body mechanics for improved health and wellbeing. These workshops can be conducted as a one-off class for general information, or as an on-going series to teach employees how to avoid bad posture which can eventually lead to wear and tear injuries.

Ergonomics & Work Station Assessments (WSA)

Our Physiotherapists specialise in providing onsite assessments, training in ergonomics and recommendations for appropriate seating.

These assessments include:
  • Analysis of work set-up and workstation
  • Identification of risk factors for work-related injuries

Stress Reduction / Management Techniques

All jobs indiscriminately carry with it the pressures of deadlines and inherent stress. By simply tapping into the natural rhythms of the breath, through simple stretch techniques, and inner visualizations, the body and mind slowly begin to undo all the patterns of harmful self-inflicted stress. These workshops will help your staff manage the pressure of stress more efficiently, making your team stronger and more productive.