Cindy Cheong


Cindy Cheong - Senior Instructor

Polestar Pilates Certified
GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified
GYROTONER® Certified
Jumping Stretching Board Certified
FISAF Certified Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer
The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery Program - The Center for Women's Fitness
Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program - The Center for Women's Fitness

Embracing an active lifestyle has always been Cindy's weekly regimen to destress and energize her mind and body. She journeyed into the fitness industry as an aerobic cum personal trainer in 1999 and was intrigued with the Pilates philosophy of Centering and Contrology. Cindy decided to embark on her Pilates learning journey and this has helped Cindy to gain control of her mental and emotional well-being.

Due to the heavy impact from aerobic exercises, Cindy suffered from herniated lumbar disc. In addition, a difficult 2nd childbirth took another toil to her body as she had diastasis recti and a prolapsed pelvic floor. With a dysfunctional abdominal wall and juggling kids with no external help for 3 years, Cindy experienced excruciating pain in her lower back with simple actions of bending forward, coughing, sneezing or even whilst carrying her toddlers.

In 2010, Cindy returned to work with a passion to search techniques that will rehabilitate her body. Certified in Polestar education and with continual learning, Cindy has since helped many clients with spinal issues to regain not only functionality but quality of life. She has worked with clients that have issues such as scoliosis, mid shoulder blade pain, frozen shoulder, hip and knee conditions, slipped discs, diastasis recti and osteoporosis.

"I never dreamt that I can run again but now I am playing high impact netball. We cannot undo what we have lost but we certainly can retrain what we still have. Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life. If you are empowered with the right tools, stay committed, you can re-educate your body and be back on your feet in any sports regardless of age, body type and past injuries. Change happens through movement and movement heals."

Areas of Interest:
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pre/Postnatal
  • Toning

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