Celine Khoo


Celine Khoo - Instructor

MOTR® Trained
TRX Professional Education Course

Fitness has always been something Celine keeps close to heart. She started out as a group fitness instructor some 10 years ago, teaching Step Aerobics, Hi-Low and Body Sculpting classes. She was also interested in Yoga and salsa.

Pilates was an accidental passion, when she tried her first class with friends. She began her Pilates journey professionally by getting trained and eventually certified with STOTT PILATES®. Celine believe that Pilates is both a holistic and balanced form of exercise that will benefit everyone. It builds strength, improves flexibility and overtime, improves one's posture. Celine hopes to share her passion for Pilates with others, who will also see the benefits of the exercises and come to believe in its effectiveness.

East Coast
River Valley