Barbara Vlot


Barbara Vlot - Instructor

Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Certified
Balanced Body CoreAlign® Level 1 and 2 Certified
Aerobics Certified
Power Yoga Certified
Les Mills Bodybalance Certified
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer

For almost 10 years Barbara has been traveling the globe. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she moved to San Jose, California in 2007 and has since then lived in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Now Singapore is her home.

As a former Communications Director, she was fortunate to make a career change when she moved to the US. Passionate for dance since her early childhood, she has always been interested in the human body and the way it works and moves. After an introduction to Pilates years ago when she was diagnosed with spondylolysis, a fracture in the lumbar spine, she decided it was time to share her knowledge with others. Pilates has literally changed her life as it had made her stronger, flexible and more in touch with the body and mind. Becoming a Yoga teacher has only added to the mix, bringing her closer to who she is. She is also back pain free and live a happier and healthier life because of it.

She had the privilege to work all around the world with people of different nationalities, with different characters, lives and bodies. But no matter where we live, we all deal with the same types of challenges. A stressful and often seated lifestyle, a lack of work-life balance and bad food choices, may be the cause of all kinds of health problems. From not being able to relax or sleep well, to having aches and pains in neck, shoulders and back, most are often the result of unhealthy habits in our daily lives.

Her style of teaching is a blend of everything through her personal experience, her own (teacher) training, conferences and workshops she attends, new research that is being done and most importantly, through feedback she get from clients.

Bukit Timah
River Valley