Analyn Ventura


Analyn Ventura - Instructor

Balanced Body Mat Certified
Balanced Body Comprehensive Trained

Ana started her journey with Pilates when she joined The Moving Body as a Customer Service executive in 2011. Whilst here, Ana has witnessed clients that have come in with movement and body alignment issues and after some sessions, they had better posture and felt better moving.

This prompted Ana to try out Pilates and she noticed the difference in her body. She realised how Pilates can help an individual tone up, build a strong body and mind. This motivated her to embark on her journey to become a Pilates instructor.

As an instructor, she would like to help to clients have a better body awareness that leads to improved body movement and reduce the risk of getting injured.

Areas of Interest:
  • Postural/Movement Correction
  • Movement for Rehabilitation

River Valley